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Sanctions for Novice Drivers

A Novice Driver is defined as an individual who holds a class G1, G2, M1-L, M1 or M2 class licence in Ontario. Regardless of your age or past driving experience, you are subject to a strict regulatory regime that combines two main systems, including an enhanced application of the Demerit Point System, and an additional “Escalating Penalties System”. Both systems rely on convictions, which add an additional incentive to consulting with a legal professional before pleading guilty to an offence and paying your ticket.

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Demerit Points: Novice Drivers

Both novice and fully-licensed drivers are issued a set number of demerit points upon conviction for certain offences (a list of those offences can be found here).

The difference lies in the amount of points required to hit certain stages of sanction. For example, a Novice Driver may face the suspension of their driver’s licence after their very first conviction.

While it is important to know how many demerit points will lead to which sanctions, it is equally important that Novice Drivers pay attention to the additional Escalating Penalty System is which described further in this page. Both systems are active at the same time.

When it comes to Novice Drivers and their accumulation of Demerit Points, the following penalties apply:

2 to 5 points results in a warning letter from the MTO.

6 to 8 points could result in the suspension of your licence. You may also have to attend an interview with the MTO. The cost of the interview is $50.00 and failure to attend may result in suspension.

After 8 points, your licence will be suspended for 60 days. You then must pay a reinstatement fee upon completion of your suspension before your licence can be reactivated.

For a list of Demerit Point Offences, click here.

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Escalating Penalty System

The Escalating Penalty System is established in regulation 340/94 of the Highway Traffic Act and applies strict escalating sanctions on Novice Drivers for certain driving convictions.

When a Novice Driver is convicted of any of the following offences, even if it’s their first and only offence, their licence is automatically subject to a 30-day licence suspension:

Speeding more than 29 Km/Hr in excess of the speed limit
Driving with a B.A.C. Over Zero
Driving with the Bodily Presence of a Drug
Failing to Stop when Signaled by Police
Following Too Closely
Careless Driving
Failing to Stop for a School Bus
Fail to Stop Bus or Public Vehicle at Unprotected Rail Crossing
Failing to Remain at an Accident
Driving while Holding or Using a Handheld Communication Device
Driving with Display Screen Visible to Driver
Contravening a Condition of the Graduated Licence (G1, G2, M1, M2)

If a Novice Driver is convicted of a second offence listed above (in a separate instance), their licence is subject to a 90-day licence suspension.

On a third conviction, the Novice Driver’s licence is canceled. In such circumstances, the driver would need to begin the graduated licensing process again, from the beginning.

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