Protecting and Enforcing your Rights

Contrary to popular belief, Landlords do not hold all the cards. There is a body of rights and protections built into the Residential Tenancies Act and your lease agreement to protect your rights as a tenant. Is your Landlord being unreasonable? Are they fulfilling their maintenance obligations? Have you been served with an eviction notice?

We offer non-judgmental defence and advocacy against oppressive landlords and bad faith evictions. Our experienced team of legal professionals will fight hard to keep the roof above your family’s head. If you are facing eviction, or need help getting out of rent arrears, let our team take the lead in protecting your rights.

Our firm represents both landlords and tenants before the LTB. We have the experience of working on both sides of an argument so that we can predict and exploit the pitfalls of your counterpart and set you up for success. We love what we do and we will work hard to turn our passion into your success!

Let's Talk about your Tenancy...

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