Bouncer Brutality

Mistreated by Security?

Were you wrongly arrested, detained or searched by a Security Guard? Were you assaulted by a Bouncer? Did Security Personnel stand by or fail to take action to prevent you from becoming the victim of a crime or an assault by a third-party? If so, you may have a case.

If you believe that a Security Guard overstepped their authority, violated your rights, assaulted you, neglected their duties or wrongly arrested you, Prevail Paralegal wants to hear from you!

While there are countless professional Security Guards across the province of Ontario who conduct themselves properly and make great contributions to safety and security, like all professions, there are also bad apples that abuse their power and overstep the boundaries of the law.

The Private Security and Investigative Services Act, 2005, requires that all Security Guards and Private Investigators in Ontario be licensed and properly trained. Despite being bound by a code of conduct and standards of professionalism set out by the Province, faulty training or inexperience can sometimes lead to poor decision-making. Tunnel vision and lack of self-control can lead to clouded judgment. When Security Companies fail to properly screen and monitor their staff, they risk hiring or promoting someone who is not fit to handle the stressors that come with serving the public.

If you fell victim to a physical assault, an embarrassing arrest or a breach of your rights at the hands of a security guard or bouncer, contact Prevail Paralegal to fight for your rights and pursue the damages you have sustained in Small Claims Court.

Security Arrest

Assaulted or Arrested by Security?
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