Small Claims

Small Claims in Ontario

The Small Claims Court is a judicial body that adjudicates disputes between individuals, businesses and other entities, including the Government.

In other words, the Small Claims Court is where you bring a grievance against another person, either to sue them for a monetary amount or for the return of property where the value of your claim does not exceed $35,000.00.

While the rules of the Small Claims Court are somewhat more relaxed, the process is still quite formal and can prove very difficult to navigate for the lay person.

Unpaid Invoice

Prevail Paralegal is committed to representing both Plaintiffs and Defendants in Small Claims Court proceedings. You can trust that Prevail Paralegal offers affordable rates and will always seek reimbursement of your court costs from the opposing party.

Whether you are a business or an individual, Prevail Paralegal will make honest attempts to reach a favourable resolution in order to avoid what may become lengthy and complicated legal proceedings.

However, if the situation calls for it, Prevail Paralegal will not hesitate to file an action against an opposing party if they are not willing to act fairly.

Contract Disputes

Contractor Negligence

Are you owed money?

If you paid for goods or services, and you didn’t get what you agreed to, you may have cause for civil action.

Quite often, we hear horror stories of phantom contractors that disappear half way through the job. We hear about shoddy, substandard workmanship; having to hire a second contractor to fix the “work” performed by the first.

Have you checked to make sure the materials you paid for were actually used on your project?

Too often is the case that consumers get swindled by contractors. Prevail Paralegal will fight for accountability and recovery of the damages that negligent construction can cause.

Have you performed work for someone who never paid you? Did you lend money to a “friend” who never paid you back?

These situations fit squarely within the jurisdiction of the Small Claims Court where the value sought does not exceed $35,000.00.

It can be a painstaking process trying to get what’s rightfully yours. Unanswered phone calls, ignored texts and emails, blocking on social media… It’s at that point that people turn to a legal professional.

Prevail Paralegal Services will navigate the complexities and take on the burden of initiating formal proceedings before the Small Claims Court.

Part of the action will also include suing for interest on the money owed, along with the payment of our costs and legal fees.

Prevail Paralegal will always stand by our clients, delivering excellence from start to finish.

Have you had your property damaged?


Paralegals in Ontario have jurisdiction to bring cases before the Small Claims Court, for claims up to $35,000.00.

If someone’s negligence or wrongdoing has caused damage to your property, call Prevail Paralegal right away to try and recover what you’ve lost!

Additionally, the damage caused to your property does not have to be intentional for you to have a case. Together, we can go over all the details and help you make a determination as to whether litigation is the right course of action.

So whether it’s damage to your car, your pet, your fence, your lawn, and so forth, Prevail Paralegal wants to hear about it! Consultations are 100% free and you are under no obligation to retain Prevail Paralegal Services.

Overcharged by a Service Provider?

Did you have an agreement with a business, only to find out you were gouged with hidden fees, unapproved extras and unfair surcharges? Did a service provider give you an estimate, only to charge you double that amount at the time of payment?

At Prevail Paralegal Services, we take pride in representing consumers against predatory and unfair behaviour committed by businesses and corporate entities. If you’ve been scammed or ripped off, it’s important that you take action right away to set the matter right.

When you choose Prevail Paralegal, you are choosing a passionate advocate who will fight for your rights and interests, no matter how big the opponent.

Whether it’s a phone service, a moving company, an auto mechanic or a vehicle warranty, let us know your story!

Consultations are always FREE.

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