Second Dance Legal Action

Second Dance Bridal Boutique- Legal Action

Our firm is actively working to coordinate a joint legal action on behalf of any customers or employees negatively impacted by the closure of Second Dance Bridal Boutique in St. Catharines, Ontario.

While individuals or groups who have been impacted by said closure would normally not fall within the range of monetary damages to justify the costs of commencing a legal action, we are presently exploring options to bring a group action to the Small Claims Court in order to permit access to justice to those parties who might have incurred relatively lesser damages.

In order to process what is expected to be a large influx of potential clients and participants in this contemplated legal action, and to assess the overall costs that might be incurred in a legal action of this size, we are collecting intake information using the contact form below. Once completed, we will follow-up with you in the coming weeks to discuss your issues further and provide additional information to you. We anticipate holding information sessions to inform potential participants in the legal action about what can be expected, once we have acquired further details.