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Services for Landlords and Tenants

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, we can help you navigate the complex system of rights and responsibilities that come with a residential tenancy agreement. 

Without experience and background in representing clients before the Landlord and Tenant Board, the Residential Tenancies Act can look like a maze of complexities. At Prevail Paralegal Services, we are passionate about providing quality legal services to landlords and tenants who need help understanding their rights and obligations in disputes with their tenancy counterparts.


Whether you’re a tenant facing eviction, or a landlord owed rent arrears, Prevail Paralegal Services can help you advance your legal rights. We take your case seriously, filing and arguing your case before Ontario’s Landlord and Tenant Board.

We often hear stories of landlords who advanced their own case to the Landlord and Tenant Board after months of rent arrears, just to discover simple errors in their application that prove fatal to their case. By the time they re-file with corrections, more months go by before they are granted a hearing. At Prevail Paralegal Services, we take care in completing your application right the first time.

If you want thorough, affordable and tenacious legal services, look no further.


Landlord/Tenant Services
Landlord and Tenant Legal

At Prevail Paralegal Services, we represent Landlords and Tenants in the following situations:


  • Applications for eviction due to rent arrears, non-payment of rent and persistently late rent payments;
  • Collection of owed rent payments;
  • Rent increase, and applications for above-guideline rent increase;
  • Applications for eviction due to damage, interference, harassment, illegal acts, and overcrowding;
  • Applications for eviction for owner occupation (or family of owner);
  • Evicting a tenant for purchaser occupation (in real estate situations);
  • Tenant refusing entry for any reason (including real estate tours);
  • Tenant changing locks;
  • Unauthorized sublet or assignment;
  • Voluntary termination of the tenancy (Cash for Keys);
  • Review of an order by the LTB;
  • and many other situations facing landlords.
  • Defence against eviction for any reason;
  • Defence against illegal rent increases;
  • Defence against illegal lease provisions and charges;
  • “No Pets” clauses;
  • Landlord restrictions on visitors;
  • Lease agreements not using the Ontario Standard Lease
  • Landlords charging more for a spouse or partner;
  • Human Rights accommodations;
  • Landlord harassment through filing frivolous LTB applications;
  • Landlord not maintaining the outdoor and common areas;
  • Landlord failure to maintain and repair the rental unit;
  • Landlord failure to maintain, repair and replace appliances;
  • Infestation of pests, rats, insects, etc;
  • Subletting and assignment of the lease;
  • Ending the tenancy early;
  • Harassment, interference, abuse and improper conduct by the landlord;
  • and many more situations.

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