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Criminal Record Suspensions

Past mistakes have a tendency of rearing their ugly head when you least want to remember them. For many Canadians, a criminal record prevents them from travelling, obtaining employment, volunteering, educational opportunities and more.

It holds you back from fully applying yourself. It limits your vacations. It gives you that uneasy nervousness around police… do they know?

A Criminal Record Suspension (formerly and still commonly called a “Pardon”), has the effect of sealing your criminal record. For many, this brings a peace of mind knowing that you’ve been given a clean slate. It opens doors and eliminates many of the restrictions previously limiting your potential.

However, a pardon does not delete or expunge past convictions. Those records essentially become sealed and are held separately so that they no longer show up on police record checks, or in most police databases. In general, this solves most of the problems applicants are looking to help themselves with.

Why Chose Prevail for your Pardon Application?


Affordable Criminal Record Pardons

Prevail Paralegal has heard all the horror stories regarding the use of generic companies that market themselves as “Pardon Services”. Many of these services use misleading terms in their names like “Federal” and “Canada” to sound more official, mimicking a government website to the unknowing consumer.

At Prevail Paralegal Services, your file is managed by a local legal professional, licensed and regulated by the Law Society of Ontario. You can rest assured that Prevail Paralegal is subject to oversight and rules of professional conduct that are taken very seriously.

Many of the major players in the Criminal Record Pardons field, such as the ones that pop up at the top of Google searches, are simply call centres that gradually ask for more and more money from you as time goes on. They have no oversight and are less accountable than a licensed legal professional.

Are They Actually Non-Profit?

There’s a simple way to verify whether a corporation holds non-profit status with the Federal Government or not. Simply complete a corporate search, which, at the Federal level, is free.

You can complete that search by clicking here.

Below is an example of a completed search:


Always do your homework with any company that you trust with your personal information and money.

What About Privacy?

What is the point of getting a record suspension if your conviction information is already openly broadcast to others?

Without an oversight body, the generic pardons services have limited requirements when it comes to protecting your confidentiality. While there are some privacy laws to protect information that is collected by these companies, they are loosely enforced and often require civil action to resolve. If you have had your privacy breached by one of these services, please contact Prevail Paralegal for a FREE civil litigation consultation!

Take a look at the Google Review included below where a disgruntled client gave a poor rating of one unnamed Ontario-based service. The response from the owner lists private details about an identifiable client openly in a public forum. This is a serious breach of client confidentiality!

Breach of Confidence

The conduct outlined above would never be allowed by a licensed legal professional.

How do you get your money back if they stop answering your calls? How do you know your submitted application wasn’t drafted in crayon? 

At Prevail Paralegal Services, there is no guarantee to any outcome or disposition with respect to your file. Prevail Paralegal doesn’t guarantee this because being honest with clients means that nobody can predict the way the Parole Board of Canada will interpret your application.

Stay far away from those who tell you that your application will be “instantly approved” or “guaranteed success”.

Prevail Paralegal Promise to You:

When it comes to Criminal Record Pardons/ Record Suspension Services, Prevail Paralegal promises the following:

  1. Prevail Paralegal will be upfront with the costs of our services prior to starting work on your file.
  2. Prevail Paralegal will give you updates throughout the process, even if there isn’t anything going on with your file.
  3. Prevail Paralegal will gladly open your file to allow you to audit our work at any time. You can come by the physical office location and see exactly what is being done for you.
  4. Prevail Paralegal will not submit your completed application until you have fully reviewed and approved of the work. If it’s not good enough, Prevail Paralegal will make it right.
  5. Prevail Paralegal will hold any money you provide us in trust until services according to our agreed payment plan have been performed. No money comes out of your account without you knowing about it.
  6. Prevail Paralegal will commit to being honest and open with you at all times.
  7. Prevail Paralegal will work incredibly hard to present your application in a positive and favourable light.
  8. Prevail Paralegal will protect the privacy of your file and guarantee confidentiality to the strict standards set out by the Law Society of Ontario. The same privilege that applies to the paralegal-client relationship applies to our relationship while completing the pardon application process.

The Application

The process for applying for a record suspension is complicated and lengthy and can take longer than a year from start to finish. It’s important to start early to collect necessary documents and begin portions of the process.

One good thing about the length of the process, is that Prevail Paralegal allows flexible payment plans where you can make smaller ongoing payments towards your account over time so that it isn’t difficult to afford, no matter what your financial situation entails.

If you have more offences, have served in the military, or have lived in many jurisdictions, there may be additional delays in completing your application. Start now!

Part of the process involves having fingerprints taken, obtaining a certified copy of your criminal record from the RCMP, obtaining conviction information from each Court where your case was heard, obtaining local police information checks, Armed Forces service records, and the completion of a number of  qualitative application questions.

The completed application containing the above documents will be carefully considered by the Parole Board of Canada, taking into account a number of criteria in determining whether to grant your record suspension.

Prevail Paralegal will work hard on your behalf to put your best foot forward in your application to the Parole Board, drafting an accurate application with attention to detail.

If you’re not sure what to do, or whether you’re eligible, please contact Prevail Paralegal for a free and confidential consultation. Consultations are judgment-free. Phone, video and electronic consultations are also available so you never have to come by the office.

Criminal Record Suspension

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